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Is a Ward-Roethlisberger Divide Causing Steelers’ Downfall?

Published on: 10th December, 2009

Hines Ward thinks Ben Roethlisberger should play hurt.   Roethlisberger isn’t making as demonstrative comments, but is making slight digs at Ward. Earlier this week, when asked if he thought Ward might play tonight at Cleveland with a hamstring injury, he told reporters “Hines will do whatever is best for Hines."   Disagreements between ...

Ben Roethlisberger: Charges Threaten to Destroy Steelers’ Image

Published on: 26th July, 2009

Two things are for sure regarding the sexual assault allegations placed upon Ben Roethlisberger.   I don’t know what happened in that Reno hotel room.   You don’t know, either.   Pittsburgh Steelers fans are worried their star quarterback will be distracted or miss time in 2009, almost assuredly eliminating the chances of a repeat Super ...

Handicapping the NFC: Brett Favre Is Still the Key

Published on: 4th July, 2009

In my previous article for Bleacher Report, I came across an interesting streak concerning teams that have won the Super Bowl.   Almost every team that won the Super Bowl since the American-National Football League merger had made the playoffs the season before.   The exceptions to this rule could be broken into two ...

Handicapping the AFC from a Steelers’ Perspective

Published on: 27th June, 2009

In analyzing the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers for Bleacher Report, I am inclined to believe they will be an improved team for the following reasons:   A.) They suffered no key losses and will benefit from the gains received in the draft and by having running backs Rashard Mendehall and Willie Parker return ...

Nitpicking the Pittsburgh Steelers

Published on: 24th June, 2009

Nitpicking.   An activity where being perfect means only breaking even.   A process where the slightest error is overrated.   Nobody likes a nitpicker. He’s the guy who thinks he did you a favor by not setting you up with Cindy Crawford because of the mole on her face.   Yet when a team wins the Super ...

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