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Philadelphia Eagles Draft Picks and Acquisitions Indicate What Is Forthcoming

Published on: 27th April, 2010

It was a defensive draft, but the Eagles made some surprising selections that not only made me scratch my head, but moreover step back and look at the broader scope of the situation. I'm not talking strictly defense either. I can see some significant changes coming on both sides of the ball, ...

The Philadelphia Eagles Rookie Free Agents: An Answer at Cornerback?

Published on: 25th April, 2010

So far, the Eagles have signed eight rookie free agents following the 2010 NFL draft. That brings the roster total to 79. When camp opens they will be restricted to 80 players, but likely will carry a few extra during the OTAs. Out of the eight free agents there are three ...

Philadelphia Eagles Draft Picks 2010: Bolsters Front Seven, Backfield Ignored

Published on: 24th April, 2010

A few hours ago, I was ready to rip Howie Roseman for an inept draft strategy. Then I decided to wait, think and analyze the draft on the whole. The first bit of credit needs to go to the organization for consistently owning a tremendous bundle of draft picks. But such draft ...

Eagles Draft Nate Allen, Daniel T’eo-Nesheim, and Stockpile Draft Picks

Published on: 24th April, 2010

Day two of the NFL draft began like most imagined. With the 37th overall selection, the Eagles addressed the secondary with an excellent free safety prospect in Nate Allen from South Florida. This was a great pick and it needed to be. Everything was right for the Eagles to take Allen ...

The Philadelphia Eagles And Jeff Garcia: 2010 Player-Coach?

Published on: 15th April, 2010

The last NFL player-coach was Dan Reeves in 1971. He was a running back and an assistant coach for the Dallas Cowboys. In 2010, could Jeff Garcia be the next? The Eagles offensive system and play-calling has come under heavy scrutiny as of late, despite putting up franchise scoring records under ...

The Philadelphia Eagles Safety Net: If Not the Draft, There Is Still Free Agency

Published on: 15th April, 2010

The draft is coming quickly, but in the NFL, it's still open season on free agents. With a plethora of valuable draft picks, the Philadelphia Eagles are in a prime position to grab any of the elite safety prospects. They have the trade bait to move up into the top six and ...

Eric Berry to Philadelphia Eagles Case Study: Trading Draft Picks

Published on: 8th April, 2010

The football front is getting quieter for the moment. The entrails of the Donovan McNabb drama may be ongoing but the roar is dulling. Its time to sprinkle some wild draft speculation on top of the rumor mill. Here is what we know: The Eagles have shown an interest in Eric Berry. He ...

More Random Thoughts and Notes Regarding The Donovan McNabb Trade

Published on: 7th April, 2010

I am going to have a hard time with McNabb as a Redskin, but the shock (for lack of a better word) has worn off. It makes me think of Green Bay trying to keep Favre out of a Vikings' uniform. The result was the Packers receiving less than full value ...

Eagles Trade Analysis: Sheldon, Gocong to Browns for LB and Draft Picks

Published on: 3rd April, 2010

This is certainly an offseason to remember if you are an Eagles fan. It has been full of conflicting emotions as the old guard has been systematically disassembled and rebuilt with newer, younger talent. The uncapped offseason has been a unique opportunity for NFL teams to clear big contracts and commitments without penalty. Considering ...

What’s Eating Philadelphia Eagles Fans?

Published on: 3rd April, 2010

Droves of antagonistic McNabbamaniac journalists have enjoyed sensationalizing the reaction of the Philadelphia Eagles' fanbase to their own (the journalists') widespread fabrication of rumors surrounding McNabb trades and the connected impending consequences that are allegedly beyond the comprehension of an Eagles fan. First, I implore all reckless journalists to stop using this anonymous, ...

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