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The Texas Conundrum: Longhorns Need Rivals To Win More Games

Published on: 14th September, 2009

As any loyal Longhorn fan will tell you, it's a good day when the 'Horns win and the Sooners lose. But as we all saw this past weekend, the Oklahoma State Cowboys lost too. This will now put the Longhorn nation in a state of unease. While watching other Big XII ...

The Eyes of Texas are Upon the 2009 Longhorns

Published on: 1st August, 2009

As the calender has now struck August, the "Eyes of Texas" now plays on continuous loop in my head. I can't help but get excited about the up-coming season. So I decided to take a look at the Texas Longhorns' upcoming football season. Upon hearing at the end of last ...

Earl Campbell: One of the Greatest Freshmen in Texas History

Published on: 1st August, 2009

One of the greatest running backs in Texas history was Earl Campbell.   He was born as the fifth of 11 children, so he had to fight for everything he got. He used that mentality all through high school. In his senior season he caught the eye of the University of Texas.   In ...

2009 Season Preview of the Dallas Cowboys

Published on: 30th July, 2009

With the start of training camp and the impending football season, I was left to wonder: What kind of team will the 2009 Cowboys be? Sure, there were a couple of big names to make their way out of Dallas this offseason: Greg Ellis, Roy Williams, and Terrel Owens ...

My Proposal To Fix College Fooball and The BCS

Published on: 28th July, 2009

Looking into the excitement that is the upcoming football season, I have decided to help the NCAA and BCS overhaul their systems and create a better experience for players and fans alike. The basis of this proposal is going to take a system like the soccer leagues use in Europe—which ...

Needing a Fix: Football Junkie Dealing With The Offseason

Published on: 26th June, 2009

Today is June 26th, and my football countdown is in full swing. I know starting in late July or August that football practice will start up. But that is still too far off for my own good. I search the Internet for anything football related, but that doesn't help. I search ...

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