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Coming Soon: New Orleans Saints Football

Published on: 21st July, 2009

With exactly one second left to go on the clock, the New Orleans Saints gained control of the ball, Carolina had just kicked a field goal and led the game after a resounding comeback by the Saints in the second half. Drew Brees was just 16 yards shy of breaking Dan ...

The 2009 Saints: Regular Season Game Predictions

Published on: 20th July, 2009

With Black and Gold training camp opening on July 30th, the season has moved ever closer. After preseason games against Cincinnati, Houston, Oakland, and Miami, the 2009 New Orleans Saints' regular season will begin. Here's a game by game prediction of each game on the 2009 regular season schedule: Detroit Lions (September 13, ...

EXCLUSIVE: Brett Favre Family Member: “He’s Coming Back”

Published on: 18th July, 2009

After making multiple comebacks from retirement to play in the NFL again, Brett Favre has a new nickname. He's now officially the "Comeback Kid." Yes, you did read that right, it does say multiple. In a conversation with a Favre family member who wished to remain anonymous, this writer learned that Brett Favre ...

Meet The Black And Gold Quarterbacks: Drew Brees

Published on: 15th July, 2009

This is the final article in a three article series which profiled each of the three quarterbacks on the roster of the New Orleans Saints. If the Saints had given out a player of the year award following the 2006 season, it would've went to Drew Brees. If they had given out ...

Meet The Black And Gold Quarterbacks: Mark Brunell

Published on: 9th July, 2009

This is the second article in a three part series which will profile each of the three quarterbacks on the New Orleans Saints roster. If you're any kind of NFL fan, you've probably heard of Mark Brunell. He was born on September 17, 1979 in Santa Maria, California. He became the starting ...

Big Irv And Brett: A Father’s Day Rememberance

Published on: 21st June, 2009

In the shadows of the wooded forest, there stands the remnants of a kiln, with the pine trees soaring high overhead, this place isn't visible from the air and it's pretty hard to get there by foot. But long ago it wasn't like this, long ago this was the biggest ...

The Importance Of Sports: How The Saints Helped New Orleans To Recover

Published on: 18th June, 2009

Hurricane Katrina had just conducted a demolition derby all along the Southern Gulf Coast, and, as a parting present, she dumped her waters into the "Big Easy", "The City That Never Slept", the city of New Orleans, LA. The Louisiana Superdome, the home of the NFL's New Orleans Saints, had been ...

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