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Would Donovan McNabb Make the Oakland Raiders Contenders?

Published on: 31st March, 2010

Donovan McNabb is perhaps the most undervalued quarterback in NFL today. His services in Philadelphia are not appreciated, and it is sad to see such a great NFL quarterback face pointless scrutiny.  If the fans in Philly don't want McNabb, I know plenty of Raiders fans who would welcome the QB ...

Dear Oakland Raiders: It’s Time to Label JaMarcus Russell a Bust

Published on: 3rd March, 2010

Raiders fans, do you remember when Al Davis chose to take JaMarcus Russell as the top pick in the 2007 NFL Draft?  Do you as I do, remember all the hype that surrounded Russell and his cannon of an arm?  Well, in case you forgot, here's a little reminder. The Raiders selected ...

Oakland Raiders: Finding Bright Spots in a Black Hole

Published on: 4th January, 2010

Shortly before the 2009 NFL regular season, many Oakland Raiders fans, including myself, shared a sense of optimism about the team's future. The Raiders closed out the 2008-09 regular season on a high note and seemed to be poised for a decent 2009 season. Well, with the regular season now over ...

Looking for a Way Out: How the 2009 Oakland Raiders Can Contend in the AFC West

Published on: 27th June, 2009

After receiving some compelling comments on my last article, I've decided to re-evaluate the 2009 Oakland Raiders and their opportunity to make some noise in the AFC West. By no means am I a Raider Hater; I'm just stating my opinions and beliefs on what needs to be done in order ...

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