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Don Carey: Moving Forward

Published on: 23rd July, 2010

VIA: The Cover Two On April 26, 2010, the Cleveland Browns drafted Don Carey in the sixth round. Four months later, he was a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Browns needed to waive Carey after he suffered an injury on the first day of camp so they could get ...

Get To Know Your Tight Ends

Published on: 14th July, 2010

VIA: THECOVERTWO.COM There are a lot of nice tight ends out there (like Jessica Alba’s) but people don’t seem to pay any attention to them. Tight ends are like that neighbor you don’t really want to talk to, but you feel like you should at least try. Don’t be afraid ...

Big Name Players To Stay Away From in Fantasy Football 2010

Published on: 6th July, 2010

Via: In fantasy football, you never want to be stuck with a high round draft choice that is performing like a late round draft choice. It happens every year in fantasy football. You get excited by a big name player so you spend your first, second, or third round ...

The Great Fantasy Football Debate: Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson?

Published on: 28th June, 2010

Every year it's the same question: Which player would you take number one overall in fantasy football? In 2008 it was Adrian Peterson or LaDainian Tomlinson. Last year it was Adrian Peterson or Michael Turner. This year it's Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson. Chris Johnson had a great rookie ...

Why You Should Think Twice About Darren McFadden

Published on: 17th June, 2010

From The Cover Two I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you should spend a first round pick on a running back who has yet to break the 500-yard mark in his career, but I am going to sit here and tell you why you should not write ...

Clifton Smith: The Story Behind the Man They Call “Peanut”

Published on: 8th July, 2009

Clifton Smith, also known as "Peanut" and "Batman," has gone through some of the most imaginable things to get to where he is right now. Let's start this story in college at Fresno State where he grew up. His career at Fresno State was bothered with injuries. During his junior year ...

Your 2009 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Published on: 25th June, 2009

It's that time of year again, the sun is out, the grass is bright green, and it's a wonderful time to play football...inside. Fantasy Football is up and running and everybody wants to know who to draft for their team. Any big fantasy football fan knows who the big boys are. ...

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