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What the Cal Win Means for the Washington Huskies

Published on: 8th December, 2009

No one should underestimate how useful it is going to be over the coming weeks that head coach Steve Sarkisian and the Washington Huskies were able to go 5-7. It's news that will directly affect the decision quarterback Jake Locker will make as well. Saturday capped off Sarkisian's successful first season ...

Do The Washington Huskies Have a Chance Against Best-Less Cal?

Published on: 2nd December, 2009

Make no mistake about it, the Washington Huskies' run defense has been atrocious over the last couple years. Statistically, they rank in the cellar of the Pac-10 in almost all defensive categories, but especially the run defense. Conventional wisdom would have suggested that Cal running back would put up gaudy numbers ...

Steve Sarkisian’s First Season Validated by Victory in the Apple Cup

Published on: 30th November, 2009

Many of the more rabid Washington Huskies fans were upset with the losing streak going into the 102nd Apple Cup on Saturday. In many ways there was a little too much optimistic feeling around the program after the win over USC. The core of the team was the same as the ...

The Washington Huskies Needed This Bye Week To Get Healthy

Published on: 2nd November, 2009

The Washington Huskies are a beat up team. There is no question that the lack of depth for the Huskies has led to too much reliance on the teams stars, especially quarterback Jake Locker. News after this weekend is that Locker is now "questionable" for the UCLA game with a thigh bruise ...

Will the Washington Huskies Go To A Bowl This Season?

Published on: 26th October, 2009

Following a late field goal in the first half of the Oregon game, the Huskies' bowl hopes were still alive and well. By the end of the game, the hopes are now becoming more distant, attainable, but difficult. A third-quarter collapse allowed Jeremiah Masoli and the Oregon offense to get rolling ...

Washington-Oregon Defines True Rivalry

Published on: 22nd October, 2009

What's in a rivalry? Passion, pride, hatred, all of the most extreme emotions are on display in a good rivalry. USC-ND, Florida-Georgia, Oklahoma-Texas, Ohio State-Michigan, there are some great cross state rivalries out there in college football. And they are really great entertainment, but they aren't the only good ones out there. One ...

Washington Huskies Need To Play Mistake Free Football

Published on: 16th October, 2009

Washington's win over Arizona last weekend highlighted a potential problem with the Huskies going forward. The team has taken a big step forward in all areas, but more needs to happen if the Huskies want to go to a bowl. In short, the Huskies need to learn how to play mistake ...

Washington Huskies’ Steve Sarkisian Is Early Contender for Coach of the Year

Published on: 14th October, 2009

It's the halfway point of the season and a good time to start looking at the progress being made by programs around the country.  One of the most surprising statistics is that the Washington Huskies are sitting at 3-3 at the midway point, and look like a good value. A lot of ...

The NFL Is Calling Washington Huskies QB Jake Locker

Published on: 9th October, 2009

Perusing the top 32 pro prospects for the NFL yields a dazzling list of talented players at top programs around the country. On name sticks out at No. 6—not because of his name, but because of the school he plays for. ESPN has Washington Huskies quarterback Jake Locker listed at No. ...

Despite Loss, Washington Huskies Growing As A Team

Published on: 3rd October, 2009

As much as Notre Dame fans would love to tell me about the legend of Jimmy Clausen and his ability for the comeback victory, Washington lost that football game more than Notre Dame won it. The Notre Dame goal-line stands were impressive, but Washington had eight tries and really should have ...

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