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NFL Free Agency 2011: Oakland Raiders Could Be in Play for Free Agents

Published on: 16th July, 2011

Talk all offseason from so-called "NFL experts" has pictured the Oakland Raiders to be in a terrible position once the NFL lockout ends.According to ESPN’s John Clayton, the Raiders could be in cap trouble when free agency starts. They may be unable to re-sign key free agents like Zach Miller ...

Oakland Raiders’ Roster Not Without Blemishes: Is a Big Trade Coming Up?

Published on: 27th August, 2010

The Oakland Raiders are showing a lot of promise in the weeks leading up to the season opener on September 12th. They've made the necessary moves to be a contender in the NFL. However, there are still some holes on this Raider team, and I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Al ...

Oakland Raiders’ Darrius Heyward-Bey Out Because of Fatigue? Not So Fast

Published on: 23rd August, 2010

The Oakland Raiders drafted Darrius Heyward-Bey with the seventh overall selection in the 2009 NFL Draft. The pick itself drew much criticism, as Darrius was considered a mid-to-late first-round pick, at best. His season was a major disappointment as he missed the last eight games with an injury, and was only able ...

Can The Oakland Raider Have a Top 5 Defense This Season?

Published on: 13th August, 2010

The Oakland Raiders played the Dallas Cowboys yesterday in a surprisingly exciting pre-season game. The Raiders came out victorious 17-9 after scoring 17 unanswered points in the fourth quarter. While Oakland's offense was somewhat lackluster, the defense was stout and impressive all game. It held Dallas' offense (which got 399 yards per ...

Oakland Raiders: Six Reasons Jason Campbell WillBbe a Pro-Bowler

Published on: 12th August, 2010

When the Oakland Raiders struck a deal with the Washington Redskins that sent Jason Campbell to Oakland, we knew the JaMarcus Russell era was over. However, some people have had doubts about Campbell since his days in Washington. Here are six things that will make Campbell a yearly pro-bowler and ...

Oakland Raiders Pregame News and Notes

Published on: 12th August, 2010

The Oakland Raiders play the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow, at Dallas. This should make for a very fun game as there are a lot of questions that need to get answered for both teams. A lot has been going on with the Raiders these past few days, so here are my thoughts ...

Oakland Raiders Need To Set Tone Vs. Dallas Cowboys

Published on: 7th August, 2010

The Oakland Raiders play their first preseason game on Thursday, August 12. While perhaps it's only preseason, this game should be taken seriously. It should mark the start of an Oakland Raider dynasty. Or at least, an above-average season. It's time for the Raiders to set the tone for 2010. It's time for ...

Commitment To Hating: Reasons Why the Raiders Have So Many Haters

Published on: 30th July, 2010

Al Davis and his Oakland Raiders are by far the most hated things in the NFL. Mr. Davis has sued the NFL numerous times and had a huge feud with former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle. The Raiders themselves are known to be thugs on and off the field. Media and fans alike ...

Oakland Raiders: Is Richard Seymour Starting at Defensive Tackle?

Published on: 29th July, 2010

On September 6th, 2009 the Oakland Raiders made a blockbuster trade for five-time Pro Bowler Richard Seymour. This led to a firestorm of rumors that Seymour refused to play for the Raiders and would not report to the team. He later flew to Oakland and revealed he had been a Raider ...

Will the Oakland Raiders Be a Passing Team in 2010?

Published on: 23rd July, 2010

Al Davis's Oakland Raiders are notorious for being a run-oriented NFL team. Whether it was Bo Jackson or Marcus Allen, they always seemed to have a great player in the backfield. This run-first trend momentarily came to a halt in 1998, when Jon Gruden arrived on the Oakland scene and brought ...

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