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For Mike Stoops and the Arizona Wildcats, Reality Can’t Come Soon Enough

Published on: 11th November, 2009

Last Sunday I did an article breaking down the top 10 teams and showing why pretty much all of them have flaws and no one really deserves the No. 1 ranking. Consider this article an extension to that, as I'm about to let you know why Arizona doesn't deserve their ...

Let’s Face It: No One Is Very Good This Year

Published on: 8th November, 2009

With all the controversy over polls, like Team A should be ahead of Team B, but not Team C because they haven't played anyone, but Team D looked good but not better than Team E and all that going on, I just have to say it: no one is ...

Arizona State Loses To USC 14-9 But Hope Shines Through

Published on: 8th November, 2009

Goodbye Danny Sullivan! Thanks for your effort, and thanks for trying! Now, Meet Brock Osweiller, the future of Arizona State football. After a dismal first half which included a Cameron Marshall fumble that undoubtedly cost us points, a Danny Sullivan pick six, and another Danny Sullivan interception in which he attempted ...

Deception In The Desert: Why The Dennis Erickson Era Needs To End at ASU

Published on: 5th November, 2009

Blown leads, blown coverages, poor discipline, and blown games. All of these things have unfortunately become synonymous with ASU for the past 13 years. Every year it has been one disappointment after the other, and Dennis Erickson is continuing the tradition of mediocrity like no other Arizona State coach before ...

What Does A College Football Jersey Mean These Days Anyway?

Published on: 6th August, 2009

It's not how you look, it's how you play. Well, for some schools it is how you look apparently... It's getting a little old with some schools pumping out brand new uniforms every few years (Oregon comes to mind); I mean, nothing was wrong with them (well most of them) in the ...

What Does College Football Mean To You?

Published on: 8th July, 2009

College Football is a sport unlike any other. The passion, the pride, the pageantry is unmatched in all other sports. However, that is just my opinion. For me, I view college football as one of the most important things in my life, however good or bad that may be. But ...

Lane Kiffin at It Again, This Time By Signing a 13 Year Old: Ed’s Take

Published on: 4th July, 2009

I figured this might be old news around here, but I decided since I love to write about Tennessee, I might as well take a whack at it. Seriously everyone, Lane Kiffin is my hero. Well, no, he isn't. He is still the coach at Tennessee BUT he does make the ...

Consistency Is Key: Five College Football Games That Need to Be Played Every Year

Published on: 3rd July, 2009

College Football is a near perfect sport, let's just forget about that thing called the BCS. Let's start over, the College Football regular season is a near perfect thing, every week you got student athletes battling it out on the gridiron for 60 minutes to be called the victor and ...

Where Were You When…College Football Edition

Published on: 27th June, 2009

So, earlier tonight I was frequenting the college football message board, as I often do when I came upon a thread titled "Where were you when..." which had a lot of interesting events (including the recent death of pop icon Michael Jackson) and asked posters to reply where they ...

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