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SMU Football: Death Has Lost Its Sting

Published on: 20th December, 2009

Illustrating that in college football even death isn’t permanent, the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Mustangs will take the field for the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl this week, 25 years after playing in their last bowl game and 23 years after their program was left for dead by the NCAA. For ...

Are You Sure You Want To Win the Heisman Trophy?

Published on: 10th December, 2009

There are five talented college football players being considered for the prestigious Heisman Trophy. However, if any of them truly want to have a long and successful NFL career they might want to hope that someone else’s name gets called on Saturday night. Since the Heisman Trophy was first ...

BCS Dream Scenario Is Now a Nightmare

Published on: 6th December, 2009

Okay, technically it looks like the powers that control the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) got exactly what they desired: an undefeated champion from the SEC against an undefeated champion from the Big 12. Seemingly a dream come true. Yet, thanks to a lackluster performance by the Texas Longhorns, that dream ...

Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit Of The NFL

Published on: 13th November, 2009

Like the proverbial question about the sound of a tree in the forest, I have a similar question about the NFL. If they play an NFL game in prime time and half the people in the country can’t watch, is it still considered an NFL game? That is ...

Classic Rewind: Philadelphia Eagles Rally to Shock Washington Redskins

Published on: 23rd October, 2009

Each week, Sports Then and Now picks one NFL matchup and looks through the history books to find an intriguing past meeting between the two teams. We recap the game and hopefully help reintroduce (or introduce for you younger readers) you to some of the greats (and in some cases not-so-greats) ...

College Football Week Seven: A Win Is a Win

Published on: 18th October, 2009

None of the top three teams in college football looked all that dominating this week, but they all took home the “W”, which is really all that matters. With the first official BCS rankings coming out this week, we will get a sense of where everyone stands, but the ...

College Football Week In Review: Style Or Substance?

Published on: 11th October, 2009

After weeks of positioning, this was the week where the real contenders and pretenders started to weed themselves out. With a number of big games between contenders over the next few weeks, you can see the national championship picture starting to clear itself up as we head toward November.   Is it ...

Junior Seau: Hard To Say Goodbye

Published on: 4th October, 2009

Word came out earlier this week that Junior Seau is still interested in playing in the NFL again and now it looks like Bill Belichick and the Patriots may be interested in adding the 40-year linebacker to shore up their depleted defense.  It sure seems like Seau has retired more ...

College Football Week 4 Review: Revivals Are Short Lived

Published on: 27th September, 2009

One of the early themes of the 2009 college football season has been the revivals demonstrated by a number of programs that had struggled in recent years, but gave indications early in this season that they were ready for a return to prominence.Some, like Florida State, Miami and Michigan were ...

Can The Sports World Control Twitter?

Published on: 24th September, 2009

It was about a year ago that I first learned about Twitter and started my own personal Twitter account (dhprguy). At the time I was working for a public relations firm and it was pretty obvious that gaining an understanding of the power of social networks was essential for people ...

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