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Donovan McNabb’s New Home: Who Are the Legitimate Candidates?

Published on: 31st March, 2010

The Donovan McNabb sweepstakes have really been the high point in a somewhat dismal offseason, which is sad considering no deal has even been done. Due to the lack of a salary cap and a new labor agreement being negotiated, many players that were scheduled to be possible free agents this season ...

Under Fire: Oakland Raiders

Published on: 11th July, 2009

That's right the Raiders are now under fire. This once prestigious franchise has become the irrelevant team of the league. It has all started from the top of the organization in Al Davis.  Al Davis better be going senile to have as an excuse, or his idiotic personnel moves between coaches and players will ...

Under Fire: Terrell Owens

Published on: 5th July, 2009

Many players will be feeling the heat in the upcoming NFL season, but no one is more under fire than Terrell Owens. Is he mentally insane? Is he just a plain moron? Or is it just about face time? Who knows? Only TO can answer that.  There is only one thing that is certain about ...

Under Fire: Five NFL Coaches

Published on: 3rd July, 2009

Under Fire is a series that I will continue to do all season long. This series will place a variety of players, coaches, and teams under severe scrutiny for their inability to prove their worth in the league and will suggest that changes should be made. The idea of this series is ...

2009 NFL Preview: AFC North

Published on: 1st July, 2009

Let's take a trip up to the AFC North, where the Super Bowl champions preside. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens have created one of the most prolific rivalries in football. Last season these two teams proved to be some of the best in the AFC. On the other hand, those ...

2009 NFL Preview: AFC South

Published on: 25th June, 2009

The AFC South is usually consistent with the end of season results. The Colts, Titans, and Jaguars are the ones battling out for position while the Texans hang around as the bottom dweller. But it's a new season and it may bring some changes. Could there be a change in role out in Houston this year? ...

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