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With Cavs on The Rise, Cleveland Is Slowly Losing The Browns Town Image

Published on: 1st July, 2009

A couple years ago,'s Page 2 posted an article regarding sports cities in America. The subject was both simple and intriguing, as the piece simply looked at various cities and asked which team each town would hate to lose.  Basically, the article established which teams represented the lifeblood of each metropolis. Most ...

With Contract Year Looming, What Can We Expect From Braylon Edwards?

Published on: 25th June, 2009

The Cleveland Browns have quite a decorated history of wide receivers.  Dub Jones, Dante Lavelli, Marion Motley, Gary Collins, Paul Warfield, Dave Logan and Webster Slaughter are among some of the greatest to ever play in Cleveland. However, the Browns have also had their fair share of problematic wideouts as well.  ...

Why the Cleveland Browns’ Quarterback Competition May Have Ended Before It Began

Published on: 18th June, 2009

There are more than a few quarterback competitions raging throughout the NFL, but none is gaining more attention than Brady Quinn vs. Derek Anderson in Cleveland. Plenty of writers here at the Bleacher Report have given their opinions on why they feel the Golden Boy from Notre Dame or the Moose ...

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