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Will The 2010 NFL Season Be The End Of Football As We Know It?

Published on: 5th July, 2010

The 2010 NFL season is looming on the horizon, and many fans are rabidly awaiting its arrival. But rumbling in the distance are the storm clouds that may likely change the course of NFL history...and not necessarily for the better. While fans don't want to think about it, the NFL owners are ...

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Gutless Double Standard at Work Yet Again

Published on: 12th April, 2010

It appears as if the Pittsburgh Steelers organization was hit with the proverbial double-whammy as both its starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and its number two (on the verge of number one) wide receiver Santonio Holmes both found themselves in legal trouble in recent weeks. While nothing has stuck to either player in a legal ...

The New York Jets Playoff Berth: Hard Work or NFL Gift For The Favre Fiasco?

Published on: 5th January, 2010

I'm going to ask a simple question: did the 2009 New York Jets earn their playoff berth? My answer is likely going to be 100% different than yours, but part of the fun of following sports is supposed to be the debate that ensues from the games. And what I write ...

Could the Patriots’ Weakness Be That They’re No Longer Cheating?

Published on: 14th December, 2009

Make no mistake.  The New England Patriots in 2009 are stacking up to be a playoff team.  At the conclusion of Week 14, they stand atop the AFC East with an 8-5 record.  That leaves them with a one game cushion on both the 7-6 Miami Dolphins and the 7-6 New ...

The NFL & ESPN Knew Brett Favre Would Return Way Back in April

Published on: 19th August, 2009

ESPN's Monday Night Football schedule was released back on Apr. 14, 2009.  The fifth game in four weeks to be broadcast by the network was to be the Green Bay Packers at the Minnesota Vikings.  Coincidence, right? I can't believe that.  Call me crazy (and I'm sure a few of you ...

Yes, Michael Vick’s Reinstated, But Will The NFL Blackball Him?

Published on: 28th July, 2009

No matter which side of the Michael Vick fence you've stood on, his return to the NFL seemed inevitable. Even before he served his time in prison, the sports world's talking heads were debating his return to the league. Now, with Commissioner Roger Goodell officially allowing him back with his unusual ...

Why The NFL’s Stance Against Gambling Is Complete BS

Published on: 25th July, 2009

In case you've missed it, the state of Delaware legalized sports gambling.  The state is hoping to raise revenue through sports gambling by allowing betting on single games in all of the major sports leagues as well as on college sports. Delaware would basically become a giant sports book.  This is possible because ...

Donte Stallworth Tested Positive For Marijuana After Deadly Crash

Published on: 1st July, 2009

According to a report in the Miami Herald, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth tested positive for marijuana after the accident in which he struck and killed a pedestrian. Stallworth was recently sentenced to 30 days plus home arrest and probation for the accident in which a 59-year old man was ...

Brett Favre vs. Green Bay Packers: Throwing TDs or Throwing Games?

Published on: 29th June, 2009

It's a near certainty that Brett Favre will be playing football in 2009 for the Minnesota Vikings. In fact, there are already rumors circulating that the Vikings have put in an order for No. 4 Favre jerseys with the NFL's equipment supplier. What remains is the question of why Brett Favre seems ...

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