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B. Clifton Burke Will No Longer Write for Bleacher Report

Published on: 24th November, 2009

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Cincinnati Bengals Week 11 Preview: West Coast Warm-Up Against Raiders

Published on: 20th November, 2009

It seems too easy to pile on Al Davis and the Oakland Raider Asylum; that bit has done before, so we'll just skip it altogether.   Instead, the focus this week for the Bengals is preparing for the best thing the Raiders have going for them: their location.   Every week it seems Cincinnati ...

Cincinnati Bengals Week 10 Preview: Tell Me Why Not.

Published on: 13th November, 2009

The way to approach this weekend's epic struggle in Pittsburgh is to ask yourself: “Why won't the Bengals win?”   If your response consisted of: a) because they're the Bengals, b) because it's the Steelers, or c) because it's a big game on the road, please leave now. Cincinnati has spent ...

Cincinnati Bengals Week 9 Preview: Too Many Aces

Published on: 6th November, 2009

In the backroom of a shady saloon just on the edge of town, the Ravens await. They sit there hunkered over a card-table with a half-bottle of cheap rum and an old, shaggy dog named Cleveland, curled up and sleeping at their feet.   They've been there since daybreak and they ...

The NFL’s High-Water Mark: Rome Is Falling

Published on: 4th November, 2009

It appears the NFL has finally out-priced itself. The first-place Bengals, fresh off of a near-perfect game against the Bears, are still 4,500 tickets away from selling out this Sunday against the Ravens. The logically impulsive thing to do is stand up, point at Mike Brown, and ...

Cincinnati Bengals Week Six Recap: Duped!

Published on: 20th October, 2009

These Texans are trickier than they look.    Bengal players were warned by soothsayers everywhere that a letdown was coming this week. The idea being that they could not sustain the energy necessary to continue winning every week, and at some point, would relax.   So, to disprove the theory, the Bengals came out ...

Cincinnati Bengals Week 6 Preveiw: The Emotional Trap

Published on: 16th October, 2009

Now that the Bengals are perched atop the AFC North standings and feeling good about themselves after an “emotional” win, one face springs to mind when looking ahead to the next game against the Texans; that bug-eyed, lobster-like freak, Admiral Ackbar, in Return of The Jedi .   It's a trap!   For being ...

Cincinnati Bengals Week Five Recap: Swaying the Skeptics

Published on: 13th October, 2009

On the opening Monday night game of the 2007 season, the Bengals beat the Ravens at Paul Brown Stadium, 27-20; that was the last time Cincinnati could agree that their team was a contender. After that, they wandered out into the wilderness and remained lost for two whole seasons. Yet after five ...

Cincinnati Bengals Week Four Recap: The Escape From the Lake

Published on: 6th October, 2009

There is a lesson to be learned from all of this: never underestimate the will of a trapped animal, or in this case, a trapped color.   The Bengals barely escaped alive from the House of Brown, needing to go a few extra rounds to fully vanquish that desperate group of wild ...

Bengals-Browns: Into the Brown Abyss

Published on: 1st October, 2009

Cleveland Brown Stadium may as well be perched along the River Styx these days with Charon himself there to escort Browns fans into the NFL netherworld.   Nothing is currently working for the organization the color of mud, and, like the recession, experts are forecasting that the situation will worsen before there's ...

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