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Jimmy Clausen and the San Francisco 49ers: Will It Happen?

Published on: 8th April, 2010

With the trade of Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins, many NFL Draft analysts have been thrown into a debate about what affect this has on the incoming quarterback class. It's widely believed that the St. Louis Rams will select Sam Bradford with the first pick. Until ...

McNabb To Redskins: The Sound Of Inevitability

Published on: 5th April, 2010

For more articles like this one, visit .... Agent Smith: You hear that Mr. Anderson?... That is the sound of inevitability... The Easter Bunny, it seems, was putting in over-time Sunday as he delivered one last treat in the form of Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins. The cost—a second rounder this year ...

2010 NFL Draft: Running Back Analysis, Part 2

Published on: 29th March, 2010

For more articles like this, including player analysis and mock drafts, check out Welcome to part two of my analysis of the top 20 running backs entering the NFL draft. You can find part one HERE . While the cream of the crop is definitely in the top 10, there is ...

2010 NFL Draft: Running Back Analysis, Part 1

Published on: 29th March, 2010

For more articles like this, including player analysis, mock drafts and more, check out! While there are some very good running backs at the top of this class, I think there is tremendous value in the mid to late rounds in this group. I believe this will be ...

Featured Writer’s 2010 Mock Draft:SF 49ers, Pick #17: Trent Williams

Published on: 8th March, 2010

Things couldn't have worked out better in this Mock, in so far as the 49ers would be concerned. After taking CJ Spiller with their first pick at #13, the team finds that a guy who some experts have ranked as the second best offensive tackle in the NFL Draft has ...

2010 Featured Writer Mock Draft: San Francisco Takes CJ Spiller at 13

Published on: 25th February, 2010

The Draft thus far: 1. St. Louis Rams —Ndamukong Suh (DT , Nebraska) 2. Detroit Lions —Gerald McCoy (DT , Oklahoma) 3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers —Eric Berry (S, Tennessee ) 4. Washington Redskins —Russell Okung (OT, Okla. St.) 5. Kansas City Chiefs —Rolando McClain (LB, Alabama) 6. Seattle Seahawks —Derrick Morgan (DE, Ga. Tech) 7. Cleveland Browns ...

2010 NFL Draft: How Will Tim Tebow’s New Mechanics Affect His Draft Stock?

Published on: 22nd February, 2010

Tim Tebow. If there is a more fracturing, divisive athlete entering the NFL Draft in 2010, I've yet to hear about him. We haven't even had the NFL Scouting Combine and everyone—myself included—have already made their opinion known about what chances Tebow has to make it in the NFL. I'm not sold, I've ...

NFL Late Hits: Week 17

Published on: 5th January, 2010

Apologies for the tardiness of this entry – yesterday was a sea of catch up work, pinched back nerves, and getting back on schedule. Of course, the talk on any message board I go to seems to still be circling the "Bengals/Colts must go to hell for giving the Jets a ...

NFL Stands For Nutty Fan Litigation

Published on: 29th December, 2009

Colts fans are really, really angry. Angrier than a toddler with croup. Angrier than the Incredible Hulk. So angry they allegedly harassed Colts President Bill Polian off the air ten minutes early on his own radio show .  Remind me never to anger Indiana. I wouldn't like them when they were angry. When they are ...

The San Francisco 49ers Christmas Wish List

Published on: 22nd December, 2009

All across the country, children are frantically writing their wish lists for Santa Claus and hoping that even the most impossible gifts will be under their tree come this Friday. And let's face it—more than a few adult football fans are wishing for the impossible just as hard as their kids ...

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