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JaMarcus Russell Hits Vegas in Style

Published on: 6th January, 2010

Sung to the tune of John Cougar Mellencamp's "Crumblin' Down" Some people ain't got no damn shame Sayin' I'm in Vegas Instead of with the team after the game I can't trust 'em I can't love em like I do my Bentley Tell me what else I can I do to earn ...

Oakland Raiders Changed Receivers Coaches In ’09, but Did It Help?

Published on: 5th January, 2010

Following the 2008 season, James Loften was demoted from the Oakland Raiders receivers coaching position.  At the time, the media thought Loften was fired and it was theorized the reason for the termination was because he did not get the most out of the Oakland receivers. It was a tough year ...

JaMarcus Russell and Al Davis Must Shoulder the Blame for a Lost Season

Published on: 29th December, 2009

Maybe it was his mood but Tom Cable seemed to let his real thoughts concerning JaMarcus Russell be known in a recent press conference.   For the first time since the preseason, Cable indirectly stated Russell was light years from being a professional NFL quarterback.   There is no mistaking the inference, “we’d be ...

Everyone Is Having Fun Except Al Davis

Published on: 28th December, 2009

So let's see... Norv Turner’s stock is surging and due a contract extension in San Diego, regardless if they win a super bowl or not. The fact is they are a solid team with or without LT. Jon Gruden is doing well in the booth and can have his pick of new ...

Rob Ryan: Different City, but Still Singing the Same Tune

Published on: 26th December, 2009

One thing we can always count on is Rob Ryan being a “shoot from the hip” type of guy.  He will say what he thinks and in his own way, is sort of convincing. In the media conference call as prelude to the Raiders game at Cleveland this Sunday, Ryan was ...

Raiders-Browns Should Be Another Close Finish

Published on: 23rd December, 2009

The Cleveland Browns have struggled for most of this NFL season but have won two games in a row.  Like the Oakland Raiders, the Browns have beaten the Steelers and the Chiefs.  For both Cleveland and Oakland, beating Pittsburgh is a very rare occurrence.  The Browns have to be riding high after putting away ...

Raiders Do Damage to Donkeys’ Playoff Hopes

Published on: 21st December, 2009

Who is the worst QB in the NFL?   Before this past Sunday JaMarcus Russell was everyone's immediate first choice.   Then the Denver Broncos had the indignity of being beaten by Jamarcus in the final seconds. By default, this makes him less bad than most people thought he was. Even if it was ...

Trevor Scott The Sackmaster

Published on: 15th December, 2009

Ever since the guy was drafted in the sixth round in 2008, Trevor Scott has been making his mark with the Oakland Raiders.   He is both a fan favorite and valued by whatever coaching staff happens to be in place.   Scott used to play tight end in college at the University of ...

Jawgate Ends With a Win for Al Davis

Published on: 10th December, 2009

To just about everyone’s surprise, Randy Hanson went back to work for the Oakland Raiders—but not as an secondary coach.  He is assigned to the personnel department.   What this could mean is he works on player evaluations or some random paper pushing.  We don’t know exactly what his role is but ...

Jamarcus Russell Will Never Be A Quality NFL QB

Published on: 8th December, 2009

In beating the Steelers on Sunday, the Raiders needed great play from their QB.   You have all the odds stacked against you.    You are on the road in a hostile environment.    You have legacy of tough losses against a fierce one-time rival.    You have had a questionable offense, minimal touchdowns, never getting untracked and ...

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