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2010 NFL Season Predictions: The Color(s) Purple

Published on: 29th August, 2010

AFC EAST   JETS   For all the accolades and attention the Jets have gotten over the offseason, there is still one important statistic they must overcome...expectation.   Remember when Gang Green stood 8-3 with Brett Favre as their quarterback two years ago? Yeah, Jets fans would probably like to forget about that. The last ...

Brett Favre: Playing Right Into His Hands

Published on: 3rd August, 2010

Forget "Survivor", "The Hills", or gasp, "The Jersey Shore." The Brett Favre Show has been the most compelling reality show these past few years even though this show only airs in the months of August leading up to training camp. No matter how sick we are of him ...

If the Colts Do Finish 19-0, Are They the Team of the Decade?

Published on: 23rd December, 2009

As early as even 2006, the media had already dubbed the New England Patriots the team of the decade. After all, they had won three Super Bowls earlier in the decade and pretty much the only way they could be usurped is if a team basically won three of the ...

Brett Favre Calls the Shots

Published on: 23rd December, 2009

We shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Brett Favre has been changing plays and giving orders for the Minnesota Vikings. After all, what kind of impression of leadership is left on a team when the head coach picks up the star player from the airport? I would be surprised if ...

New York Giants in Prime Position for Playoffs Despite Recent Struggles

Published on: 16th December, 2009

Okay, so they won't win the division which means the last game at Giants Stadium WILL be the last scheduled game against Carolina on December 27. And yes, right now the G-men are on the outside looking in. But the sweep of division rival Dallas will be the key to ...

Forget the Coaches, Kickers Like John Carney and Jason Elam On the Hot Seat

Published on: 24th November, 2009

Being a placekicker in the NFL is a strange job. You’re pretty much either a hero, or a goat. There is no in between. And if a kicker becomes a hero, it is quickly forgotten and credited to the quarterback who got him in the position to kick it.   It used ...

Cleveland Browns-Detroit Lions: Toilet Bowl II

Published on: 18th November, 2009

Believe it or not, this article is not to hate on the ineptitude of these two Pop Warner teams (OK, maybe I just screwed that one up). Nor is it to mock the Detroit Lions for losing the first toilet bowl, granting the Rams their first "win."   And Brady Quinn, ...

Tom Cable: “I Coach The Raiders; I Had To Beat Somebody”

Published on: 14th November, 2009

This past summer, Raiders coach Tom Cable faced allegations for assault on a former assistant coach. Apparently he has upgraded now over beating up women, as we've learned he's done in his past. Maybe the women were just warm up for him to get tough enough to fight a man (even ...

Top Coach-Player “Almost” Fights in the NFL

Published on: 14th November, 2009

This past Sunday saw Falcons coach Mike Smith get in the face of former Falcons player and current Redskin Deangelo Hall on the sidelines after a play. After the game, Hall seemed ready for round two, saying that Smith was talking (bleep) and if he was ready to continue, he ...

2009 New York Giants: This Year’s Dallas Cowboys?

Published on: 7th November, 2009

Going into the 2008 season, the Dallas Cowboys were everybody's favorite to at least win their conference. They were coming off a season in which they were the No. 1 seed and had a first round bye, but lost at home to a wild card team that also happened to be ...

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