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October 2010

BCS Rankings Week 3: No. 6 Alabama

Published on: 31st October, 2010

BCS Rankings Week 3: No. 6 Alabama  | read this item

Don’t look now, but here come the Alabama Crimson Tide.

When they lost to South Carolina, I wondered aloud if Alabama would be able to crawl back into the BCS championship conversation.

It seems they’re doing just that, even with a bye week.

Although, you probably want to thank Michigan State and Missouri for where they are especially with those two previously unbeaten teams now no longer unbeaten.

However, don’t look now, but they will have to fight and scratch to be able to stay where they are or move up in the rankings.

They will have LSU, Mississippi State, Georgia State, and Auburn to finish the season. You didn’t think this was going to be easy did you?

BCS Rankings Week 3: No. 7 Nebraska

Published on: 31st October, 2010

BCS Rankings Week 3: No. 7 Nebraska   | read this item

If strength of schedule means something, I keep wondering how Nebraska still sits where they do.

Their lone loss came at home against Texas, a team that has been beaten twice now at home against UCLA and now Baylor.

Granted, Baylor is a better team this year than any of the past years, but Texas is looking like a really bad loss right about now.

I continue to wonder when the real Nebraska team is going to show up. Will they show up this week? How about next week?

However, I will give them credit for back-to-back wins against Oklahoma State and them Missouri, although I still don’t believe the Tigers were as good as some thought.

BCS Rankings Week 3: No. 8 Oklahoma

Published on: 31st October, 2010

BCS Rankings Week 3: No. 8 Oklahoma  | read this item

I didn’t agree when the BCS poll put Oklahoma at the top spot in college football, and it was proven the following week when the Sooners lost to Missouri.

Their two wins against Texas and Florida State are looking worse by the week and especially against Texas who just lost at home, again, this time to Baylor.

Florida State just lost as well to NC State this past Saturday.

Whether or not you believe the Sooners to be a good football team can go up for debate. Their schedule hasn’t been anything to look at and say “that’s a tough schedule” because it just isn’t.

Not to mention they struggled for wins against Air Force, Cincinnati, and Utah State.

BCS Rankings Week 3: No. 9 Wisconsin

Published on: 31st October, 2010

BCS Rankings Week 3: No. 9 Wisconsin  | read this item

The Wisconsin Badgers have done their job, and they’ve done it well.

After losing to Michigan State three weeks ago, the Badgers have run up three straight wins including a win over then top ranked Ohio State and followed that with a win over Iowa.

They are looking better and better and could very well move up the rankings with the schedule they have left which includes Purdue, Indiana, Michigan, and Northwestern.

With a schedule like that, and the way they’ve been playing lately, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them work their way up to the top five. However, that will depend on what the teams in front of them do.

As loss here and there could boost them right into the BCS title game. But let’s not get the cart before the horse just yet.

BCS Rankings Week 3: No 10 LSU

Published on: 31st October, 2010

BCS Rankings Week 3: No 10 LSU  | read this item

The LSU Tigers start the road from the number 10 spot to the number one spot but this is the one team that I don’t know deserves to even be in the top 15.

They’ve snuck away from Tennessee, thanks to a bonehead penalty that gave the Tigers a second shot at a win, then got some help from the officials in a win over Florida.

So are the Tigers really that good?

Well, if the game against Auburn is any indication, they’re not as good as they’re previously unbeaten record. Are they better than a few of the teams above them? Maybe you can argue that as well.

They’ll get to prove themselves, if they can, at home against Alabama this coming weekend. A game that will make or break the BCS rankings for either team. A win for LSU would be huge, but it would be even bigger for Alabama.

Brett Favre: Jenn Sterger Scandal and The 5 Worst Moments For Favre in 2010

Published on: 31st October, 2010

Brett Favre: Jenn Sterger Scandal and The 5 Worst Moments For Favre in 2010  | read this item

2010 has been a really rough year for Brett Favre.  Whether it has been his play on the field or scandals off of it, not a lot has gone right for the ol’ gunslinger this year.

From an embarrassing scandal involving inappropriate text messages to Jenn Sterger to a fractured ankle, just about everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for Favre.

Plus, with the Vikings toiling away at 2-5, maybe Favre is wishing he had stayed retired for good this time.  Here are Favre’s five worst moments in 2010 (so far).

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BCS Rankings 2010: Does Alabama Need Unbeaten Mid-majors To Lose?

Published on: 31st October, 2010

BCS Rankings 2010: Does Alabama Need Unbeaten Mid-majors To Lose?  | read this item

After the fall from grace suffered this past weekend by previously unbeatens Missouri and Michigan State, the University of Alabama football team is primed to seriously contend for a BCS bowl and, possibly, the national championship game.

For the Tide, it is really now a four-game season.  Beat LSU in Baton Rouge, win against Mississippi State at home and control the phenomenon that is the 2010 incarnation of the Auburn Tigers in Tuscaloosa, and they’ll play for the SEC championship against a team that will have at least two losses.

That means, in all probability, that the Crimson Tide will finish the season 12-1.

Where will that leave them in the BCS standings?  Does the Tide need all the non-BCS conference teams ahead of them to lose to ensure a berth in the championship game?

Maybe not.

At this juncture, Oregon, Auburn, TCU, Boise and Utah stand ahead of Alabama in the BCS standings.  At least one of those teams will, absolutely, suffer a loss before season’s end since Utah and TCU face off next week.

Both of those teams face cupcakes the rest of the way and the winner of their match up should remain undefeated.

Oregon faces Washington, Cal, Arizona and finishes with Oregon State.  Only the last two could pose a substantial threat to the Ducks run for a national title game appearance.

And an Oregon win plus the Tide winning all the remaining contests plus the SEC title would put the team back in the BCS championship game even with the one loss against possibly one of the undefeated non-BCS teams.

Boise plays a decent Hawaii squad next weekend; after that, the only team that seems to have a chance against the Broncos is No. 23 Nevada on Nov. 26.  We feel that Boise is the most vulnerable of the remaining unbeatens.

That leaves Auburn.  Alabama should tame that tiger.

Thus, if most thing stay the way they are now, by the time the BCS bowl berths come out in December, we should see an Oregon team at No. 1, Alabama at No. 2 since it will beat a higher ranked team late in the season, TCU or Utah in at third (we think Utah here) and Boise still in fourth.

That is the scenario if the two remaining mid-majors have no defeats.  A loss by either of them (TCU/Utah or Boise) would definitely help the Tide, but it should not be needed.

Factoring in possibly four wins out of the last five games against ranked opponents (and one of those teams maybe ranked No. 1 in the BCS at the time of the loss), Alabama will sport the resume that will push a one-loss Tide team ahead of any potential unbeaten mid-major out there.

Thus, to help their BCS formula, the Crimson Tide should be pulling for South Carolina to beat Arkansas and Florida, Mississippi State beat both Arkansas and Ole Miss, and for Auburn to remain undefeated until the Iron Bowl and LSU to run the table after the loss to the Tide this coming weekend.

Voters could even, of course, would see a ‘Bama victory in the rubber match against South Carolina in the SEC championship game as the true image of the team rather than the one that lost to the Gamecocks a few weeks ago and move the Tide up a notch or two on their ballots.

Of course, with two, possibly three undefeateds ahead of them, the Crimson Tide may need all the help they can garner.

But the best course is to just win out; the rest will take care of itself.

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BCS Rankings Week 3: No 11 Ohio State

Published on: 31st October, 2010

BCS Rankings Week 3: No 11 Ohio State  | read this item

This on really does surprise me.

Wasn’t Ohio State 10th in last week’s BCS poll or did I read that wrong? They put up a 52-10 win over Minnesota and they got dropped a spot because of it?

Not only that, I’m not sure why LSU is sitting in front of them right now especially because two of their wins were handed to them.

The Buckeyes have scored 101 points over their last two games while giving up just 10 points. You can tell that they want people to know that this isn’t the same team that lost to Wisconsin, or you could say the Badgers are just that much better, or at least were that much better.

It’ll be interesting to see how Ohio State handles their next three games especially having Iowa and Michigan still coming up, not to mention Penn State.

BCS Rankings Week 3: No. 12 Missouri

Published on: 31st October, 2010

BCS Rankings Week 3: No. 12 Missouri  | read this item

I’ve been someone that has been against Missouri for quite some time. I’ll give them credit for knocking off Oklahoma but that’s where my credit stops.

This is a team that, by all rights, should have lost to San Diego State a few weeks ago if not for horrible tackling by the Aztecs, Missouri pulled off a win they never should have gotten.

Knowing that, I knew that it was just a matter of time before the Tigers were going to suffer their first loss so when Nebraska came to town, I had a feeling that loss was coming.

Sure it enough, it did come.

I’m just surprised they’re still inside the top 15.

Iowa’s Adam Robinson Brings Durability and Consistency to Running Game

Published on: 31st October, 2010

Iowa's Adam Robinson Brings Durability and Consistency to Running Game  | read this item

After Iowa running back Jewel Hampton tore his ACL in the Arizona game earlier this season, Hawkeye fans feared that 2004 was happening all over again.

That year Iowa’s top four running backs were injured, thrusting walk-on Sam Brownlee into the starting role. In short, the Hawkeye running game was virtually non-existent that season.

Back in August, another 2004 disaster seemed nearly impossible. Iowa had nine scholarship running backs on its roster, three of whom had a considerable amount of game experience.

But during camp, sophomore Brandon Wegher, the star of last year’s Orange Bowl, left the team and likely will not return. Then, during the Arizona game, Hampton tore his ACL for the second year in a row.

Suddenly, the deepest unit on the Iowa team was on thin ice and Iowa’s three-headed monster at running back was left with one man standing: Adam Robinson.

Of the three starters, Robinson was the most tested, but the least hyped. He set an Iowa freshman record with 834 rushing yards, but many considered the “more athletic” Hampton and Wegher to be the future of the program.

But Adam Robinson just kept running; on the field and out of the limelight.

But that’s just how his entire football career has gone.

Robinson was a little known two-star recruit out of Des Moines Lincoln High School. He didn’t receive offers from any other FBS programs and only received a grayshirt offer from Iowa, meaning he had to wait until January 2009 to go on scholarship.

Heck, the only reason he even received an offer is because the Iowa coaches discovered him when they went to watch somebody else.

Robinson started his career at Iowa as a defensive back, but was switched to a running back before the 2009 season.

He and Wegher split carries last season and Robinson gained a reputation as a powerful back, while Wegher was considered the speedy, finesse player.

After Wegher announced he was leaving, fans expected Hampton to take over his role. But in the opener, Robinson was Iowa’s starter and most efficient rusher. He ran for a (then) career high 109 yards and three touchdowns. A week later against Iowa State, he rushed for 156 yards on an outstanding 11.1 yard average.

But the real test came after the Arizona game.

Ferentz announced that Robinson would receive almost every carry from that point on. And again, critics questioned Robinson. Was he durable enough? Could he handle a beating for the entire game?

Robinson answered tremendously.

Since the game in Tuscon, he has touched the ball at least 20 times per game, averaging 107.2 yards in each of the five contests.

Against Michigan two weeks ago, he put together a player-of-the-year type performance, erasing any doubt that he could singlehandedly carry the Hawkeye rushing attack by himself.

Robinson carried the ball 31 times against the Wolverines for 143 yards and two touchdowns. One powerful run on third and long late in the game helped seal the victory in Ann Arbor, proved Robinson’s resiliency, and had the announcers raving.

He proved his durability and ability to make plays in the clutch. And in this game, the nation’s leading rusher–Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson–wasn’t even the best rusher on the field. Nor was he the best Robinson on the field for that matter.

Although his rushing statistics have been impressive over the past month and a half, Robinson’s overall performance against Michigan State this past Saturday displayed just how valuable he is to the Iowa team.

Robinson did it all Saturday—running, blocking and receiving. Not to mention, he was a mentor for true freshman Marcus Coker, who played in his spot for most of the fourth quarter.

Along with averaging 3.5 yards per carry through three quartera—most of which Iowa didn’t even have the ball—Robinson caught a 32 yard touchdown reception. That score brought his season receiving total to 381 yards, bringing a whole new dimension to the offense, something that the Hawkeyes didn’t even have with Shonn Greene.

He also threw in a vital block on a Ricky Stanzi scramble, which helped the Hawkeyes gain 26 yards, plus an extra late hit penalty, which extended the drive and led to an Iowa score.

In the running game, Robinson was fantastic. He only gained 65 yards, but only carried the ball 20 times.

During the first three quarters, he moved the chains time after time and pushed the pile on a couple of occasions to get a first down.

It was the Shonn Greene-type of second and third effort that Hawkeye fans have come accustomed to seeing from their “undersized” running back.

And at the end of the day, Robinson is always humble. Like his predecessor, Greene, he praises his offensive line and credits a team effort in wins.

“He’s very humble,” said fullback Brad Rogers. “I tease him all the time about it. I always call him a superstar and he walks away because he hates hearing it.”

Unfortunately for Robinson, as his game continues to improve, he will start to receive more an more praise from the national media.

But no matter how much praise he might receive and no matter how many carries he gets, nothing about his humble sophomore will change.

Robinson will just keep on running.

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